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Congratulations Dr. Julia Vorhauser!

We are very proud to announce that Julia completed her PhD viva on 27th March, with no corrections (a rare and very impressive achievement)!

Her project used a variety of biochemical techniques, including click chemistry and mass spectrometry, to investigate how oxidation of cysteine residues changes throughout the cell cycle - focussing on p21, a CDK2 inhibitor downstream of p53. Using the data she collected, Julia proposes a model for cell cycle- and oxidation-dependent regulation of CDK2 activity by p21.

Her PhD has been quite an adventure, lasting almost 5 years and including a move from Dresden to London on her own before the rest of the lab! Throughout this journey, she has been supported by her partner and family - as well as our former lab members, Kristyna and Alena - who all visited London, from across Europe, for her viva.

We celebrated Julia's success by making her a graduation hat decorated with our fond memories of her PhD journey, then went for a meal and a party together in the evening.

Congratulations again, Dr. Vorhauser!

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