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Current lab members

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Jörg Mansfeld

Principal Investigator



Coordinates all the projects, fights for money, and helps with more precise and careful troubleshooting. In the meantime, he tries to spread his optimism and positive attitude to all in the lab, while still juggling pipettes.


Screenshot 2019-02-13 at 23.29.00.png
Julia Vorhauser

PhD student



Julia began her PhD when the lab was in still Dresden, and she spearheaded the move to the ICR in London. Her expertise in redox is a perfect fit for our ROS group. She previously studied ROS signalling at the cellular level at the University of Innsbruck, Austria and ROS signalling during neuronal development at the University of CambridgeUK. In the Mansfeld Lab, she is currently investigating how intracellular ROS regulates the activity of cell cycle proteins.

Jacky Leung




Jacky joined the lab in London in 2022 as a member of the RadNet radiotherapy research network. His current research is investigating how protein oxidation induced by radiotherapy can regulate cellular processes and potentially influence cell fate. He received his PhD from the University of British Columbia in Canada, where he studied androgen receptor transactivation in prostate cancer. He is originally from Vancouver and is an avid yogi outside the lab.

Esther O. Ige

Scientific Officer



Esther is a scientific officer with a BSc in Biochemistry and an MSc in Cancer. She is currently working on understanding the relationship between FZR1 and Lamin A/C during nuclear reformation of mitosis. Driven by her aspirations, she plans to pursue a PhD, expanding her academic horizons. Outside the lab, she enjoys exercise and reading (especially useful during her commute). 

David Coupe

PhD student



David joined the lab to investigate the role of cysteine oxidation in the regulation of mitotic progression and genome stability. Before joining the Mansfeld lab, he worked on cell cycle regulation, using a number of imaging approaches, at the Universities of Bath and Plymouth and the ICR. Outside the lab, he enjoys hiking and is a keen baker.

Elizabeth Torley

PhD student



Elizabeth completed a BA in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, specialising in Genetics. She also spent her summers at the university, as a research assistant in Plant Sciences, and continued this role for another year after she had graduated. At the ICR, Elizabeth investigates how changes in the oxidation state of cell cycle proteins affect cell proliferation. She intends to balance her PhD alongside her hobby of Ballroom and Latin dancing!

Hélène Cabiran

Masters student



After obtaining a bachelor's degree in Life Sciences, Hélène is currently in her first year of a Master's degree specializing in cancer, aging and rejuvenation. It is as part of her studies that she came to do a 4-month internship at the ICR during which she investigates how the oxidation state of the essential DNA replication protein PCNA (proliferating cell nuclear antigen) affects DNA replication and cell proliferation.

Former lab members

Magdalena Gonciarz


Igor Gak

PhD student

Gábor Bakos

PhD student

Doris Müller

Lab Technician



Anna Dmitrieva
Scientific Assistant
Dörte Schlesinger
PhD student
Nina Mitic
Master Student


Martina Lachnit



Djordje Vasiljevic
Nadine Weser


Cindy Horenburg
Student Assistant
Dilyana Kirova

PhD student

Mona El-Laymony

Bachelor Student



Alena Kucerova

PhD student

Janek Haschke

Research assistant



Kristyna Judasova

PhD student

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