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Jörg Mansfeld

Principal Investigator



Coordinates all the projects, fights for money and helps to shoot the troubles more precisely. In the meantime, he still juggles the pipettes, tries to spread his optimism and positive attitude among all.


Nadine Weser

Lab Technician



"Can do it all" Keeps our lab running smoothly, solves  our admin problems and investigates APC/C localization and lamin ubiquitination. And she is still smiling (most of the times ;-) )

Dilyana Kirova

PhD student



Tricked into joining already in 2013 at Masters level to identify previously unknown interactors of APC/C. Crazy enough to stay after for her PhD but changed the research topic (maybe for a reason) focusing now on the link between redox regulation and the cell cycle progression. Chaught in a tango with side projects. Has golden fingers for co-immunoprecipitations and protein overexpression.

Katrin Daniel





Supported by a postdoc fellowship Katrin joined the lab at the end of 2014. With a strong scientific background in cell cycle surveillance mechanisms she tries to answer the question which molecular factors enable cells to switch from a quiescent stage back to proliferation. Main expertise in cytology, genome engineering and reverse genetics in cell lines and mouse models.

Alena Kucerova
PhD student

Alena was recruited in 2016 Autumn PhD Selection. She previously studied the role and behaviour of nuclear bodies in response to various stress conditions at IMG in Prague and at CDR in Helsinki. Currently she is dealing with the development of the Anaphase Promoting Complex/Cyclosome inhibitors. 
Since she is from The Czech Republic, it is not a surprise that she is super-excited about the Spindle Assembly ´Czechpoint´.

Kristyna Judasova

PhD student


Kristyna joined our lab in 2017 after the Fall PhD selection. She comes from the Czech Republic and got her Master's degree at Charles University in Prague where she studied alternative variants of BRCA1. She strengthened the „ROS group” of the Mansfeld's team and is trying to reveal the causes and consequences of redox switches in the cell cycle.

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Julia Vorhauser

PhD student



Julia came to us in the beginning of 2019 after the Fall PhD selection. Coming from the redox field she is a perfect catch for our ROS group. So far she focused on ROS signalling on cellular level at the University of Innsbruck, Austria and during neuronal development at the University of CambridgeUK. 

In our lab she investigates how the presence of ROS regulates the activity of cell cycle proteins.

Former lab members

Magdalena Gonciarz


Igor Gak

PhD student

Anna Dmitrieva
Scientific Assistant
Dörte Schlesinger
PhD student
Gábor Bakos

PhD student

Nina Mitic
Master Student


Martina Lachnit



Doris Müller

Lab Technician



Djordje Vasiljevic

Cindy Horenburg
Student Assistant
Mona El-Laymony

Bachelor Student



Janek Haschke

Research assistant